Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 108 mm collection

The 108mm was made on demand of the German military and gained popularity in the eighties and nineties with the civilians thanks to the nylon scales and larger main blade. Victorinox started a civilian line called the "Safari" and produced it till 2003. A few models like the "solo" and the "solo plus" are still in production, but the other models become rare. There are other editions, like the fireman and the mauser wich are extremely expensive and rare. The four models below are the Safari Pathfinder, the Safari Hunter, the Solo plus and the German Army Knife. I had the luck to find the two Safari models in an old stock. None of these knives have the tweezers, toothpick nor the philips head screwdriver. The only screwdriver is the one large flathead on the top of the woodsaw. 

Available models :

* SOLO plus
* GAK (German Army knife)
* SAFARI Hunter
* SAFARI Pathfinder
* SAFARI Trooper
* NATO (GAK-model)
* Swiss Shark

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