Friday, January 25, 2013

Victorinox alox Pruner "Bugnard"

Simplicity and beauty... Not the knife for an average handyman, but all the tools for in the garden! The large blade has proven it's usefulness over the years, the pruning blade on the other hand isn't that popular,but Cutting flowers, small branches or vegetables is getting easy with this one. Not the reason I bought it, because this knife looks far to beautiful to use in that environment. The color is unique and Bugnard designed an entire line of "gold-alox" 93mm knives. There's an older design with the old Swiss cross on it instead of the shield, but the tools and color stay the same... With a weight under 50grams, this is a great edc single bladed knife with a pruning blade as a nice bonus! Bugnard is a toolmanufacturer for the Elektrotechnic and Telecom sector. These knives are fairly easy to find, but are not available trough Victorinox. They can be purchased directly from Bugnard or SwissBianco.

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