Saturday, January 19, 2013

Victorinox knock-offs (part 2)

Last time I wrote something about those awfull knock-offs, I didn't actually own one of them. Today I went to a low-budget store, and since the economic crisis reached our country, I started to see that these kind of shops starts to gain interest by the general public. I love to walk trough this shop because those insane expensive gadgets adverted on the shopping channel, are here for 1/10th of the price. Sometimes it's good to have a shop like this to keep things in balance, but some things should stay in the factory! I walked by the Victorinox look a like knife for a few times now, and I finally did it. I bought one just to show you guys here that this is really a piece of sh*t!!! First of ... the price... 1,75 Euro. At this price, you can't expect quality, hell, not even a high grade steel! The funny thing with these knives is that the most basic thing, cutting, isn't even possible, without sharpening it. The corkscrew is bent, made of a thin steel wire, about half the thickness of a real one. The reamer doesn't have the sharp edge, so basically it's a small piece of metal without any purpose. The philips head screwdriver is a bit thicker then a toothpick. The only good thing is the woodsaw, but I'm affraid to use it, in case the handle falls apart. The scissor is a disaster. It won't even open or close properly. The toothpick and tweezers are smaller then the real deal and even the mall key chain ring is made thinner then the Victorinox ones. Even at an amazing low price, this still is a piece of sh*t and once more can't even imagine who would buy this. Too bad that only Victorinox lovers read this blog, because I would love to open up the eyes of the non-believers out there! ;)

I did a test on how strong these knock offs realy are, and I have to say that I'm surprised. Next time is gonna be fatal! ;)

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