Friday, January 25, 2013

Swiss Railway Soldier

This is by far the most beautiful alox Victorinox I own. It's nickname on the forums and Sakwiki is "Black Beauty". Doesn't that say it all? ;) There's not much information about this knife. It's a Soldier model 1961 design with no year stamped on the main blade, so technically it's not a Soldier. But I did find out who ordered them... The Swiss Railway... There's no amount known, and the nice black anodizing with Soldier shield makes it stand out between the other "special runs".It was produced in the late eighties and early nineties. This is a wanted knife and has a very high collectable factor. I was very lucky to find this one, and no, I'm not gonna sell it! :) 


  1. I sincerely congratulate and envy. IMHO the most beautiful Victorinox. Also on this hunt. You can tell where and for how much you bought yours?

  2. I bought it from madame canif. I met her a few weeks ago when I was looking for a Swisstool. Her prices are fair and she shares my passion for the pocket knife. Can't post her real name, because she wants to stay anonymous. Don't ask me why. I just try to respect that... I payed 50 euros. Seems a nice price for a rare collectable. She collects mostly Laguiole knives, but sells Victorinox and Wenger knives. I've only seen a few other people with this knife and think i was very lucky to find this one in a new condition.

  3. Once again, congratulations. Getting the rarity for the price it's basically a miracle !!!

  4. Hi, I have a question about BB. Is the blade tang is stamped year? I always thought that there's nothing there but Ricardo ( ) is one that is stamped the number "87".

  5. I just followed your link and have to say that I'm surprised to see that there are models with a yearstamp. My guess is that there are two types. Military and commercial... I think the one with a yearstamp is even more rare. Again, this is just a guess... That's what makes these knives so damn great.... THE MYSTERY! ;) On the other hand... the yearstamp 87 is once more the proof that these knives were made during the eighties and nineties.

    1. On the picture at Ricardo you can see that the knife has the Swiss arms inspector stamp. That's very unusual for a variation on a Soldier, but shows that it must have been a military knife. Maybe a Military-railway division? I hope you're not placing any bids, because that price is insane! ;)