Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Victorinox Farmer

The Farmer is one of the first alox knives I laid my hands on, and that was thanks to the pursuasive Youtube video review from Nutnfancy. I saw a nice deal on Ebay and ordered three different colors at the same time. The silver one is the more common type, and therefor not as "special" as the other two. The blue one is magnificent. As all alox models don't have the tweezers or toothpick, you might ask yourself if it's worth buying it, but the truth is that giving in on functionality isn't a real problem when you look at how cool the scales realy are! This is a real outdoor knife with a nice woodsaw and a very strong reamer! One disadvantage is that the colored alox models loose their color rather fast ,if you cary your knife as it should be, in your pocket. On top of the woodsaw and strong reamer, you have the can opener/ small flathead screwdriver and the caplifter/ large flathead screwdriver/ wire stripper. This knife has the same size as the famous alox Soldier (93mm) and weighs approx. 85grams. The Farmer is produced in many different colors and often made as a special or limited run. The first Farmer saw daylight in 1957 and the silver model with the Victorinox shield as you can see on the pictures below, was first produced in 2000. The blue and red one are a special run, produced in 2007. This is one knife that will allways stay in the collection, no matter what!

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