Saturday, January 19, 2013

Victorinox SWISSTOOL

I bought this Swisstool secondhand and was affraid that Victorinox crossed a border when they tried to follow Leatherman, but I was wrong... The Swisstool is ,just like every tool from Victorinox, flawless! The feel of opening this highly polished tool, the silent tool lock, thick stainless steel and intelligent design makes this an indispensable edc! The tools are like we're used to with Victorinox. They have the same shape and design, but are a bit longer due to the fact that the large handle stands in the way when you try to work in a narrow environment. All the tools can be used in a "closed pliers shape". Opening and closing the pliers is without any friction. When you try to close the tool, you'll instantly feel the famous Victorinox "snap". This tool is a 1998 design and the more recent tools changed the pliers mechanism. These tools are even stronger in the counter clockwise use. The curved edge on the grip makes this tool easy to operate, even when you apply great pressure! I'm not gonna say that Victorinox is better then Leatherman, but they did an amazing job on perfecting an existing design! I love this tool and can't stop playing with it ever since I bought it. Maybe this becomes my next edc? UPDATE : I've added a Swisstool spirit Black Oxide, Swisstool Spirit and a new Swisstool x to the collection. This last one is used by me at work and I love it! I was already positive about this tool, but after some extensive (AB)use in the field, I must say that this tool is not only good looking, but strong as hell! I punched holes in small metal plate with the reamer, cut squares in dry wall with the wood saw, used the 90 degree angle to level network cabinets, cut tie wraps with the scissors and last but not least, cut steel wire with the main cutter in the pliers. This tool can handle a lot of work!

Thanks to the strong springs, the tool takes the shape of a ninety degree angle for indication purpose in a DIY situation. When you flatten the handles, you'll get a small ruler with centimeters on one and inches on the other side.


  1. Great review.. I own three Swisstools and think they're better than Leatherman. Or maybe i prefer european products ;) link.

    1. Lukasz, I've never owned a Leatherman, but just like these tools. They work flawless and look stunning! Thanks for the kind comment!!!