Friday, January 11, 2013

Victorinox electronics : Swissmemory & Swissmemory slim

I remember a funny cartoon many years ago, some guy tought it would be funny to add the popular usb (back then 64mb) on a Victorinox Spartan. Everybody laughed and within a year someone in Ibach had the same idea and saw potential... Right now the usb stick gained even more popularity and the diversity is enormous. Victorinox has two dimensions when we look at the design, the usb and the usb slim. The slim version came out in 2011 and was very popular because the usb knives now looked thin, and didn't carry that thick usb drive. There were some problems with the encryption software, added on the usb drive. This software couldn't be updated anymore due to manufacturer problems and Victorinox decided to recall the knives. A few stayed in the "circuit" and were sold far below the retail price. I was lucky! I'm an Apple user and can't use the encryption software, so the "defect" didn't bother me. The Slim version looks beautiful. It's lightweight, has no knive (allowed on planes), and has the ever-gorgeous alox scales. When we take a look at the usb part, we can see that the plastic Victorinox logo lights up red when you connect it to your pc. It should be shock resistant and waterproof, according to Victorinox. Didn't test that part yet! ;) Victorinox stands for quality and it shows once again with this knife. The memory capacity is one more surprise... When you buy any other usb drive, from let's say 4 Gb , you'll see that it actually contains +/- 3,98 Gb. Victorinox decided to give what they promised. 4 Gb is in reality 4,04 Gb. It's a small detail, but I love it. These small things make the difference. There are also ssd drives available. These are amazing, but cost far more then I'm willing to spend. :) More info is available on the Victorinox website!


  1. Indien je problemen hebt met de software vervangt Victorinox de oudere modellen door de nieuwe Slim usb modellen. Heb het zelf ook gedaan en heb in ruil mijn oud model weer gekregen maar dan zonder de software + de nieuwe slim 64Gb ;)

  2. Ik vrees dat ik daar net iets te laat voor ben... De "inruilactie" was maar tot 31 december 2012. Heb ze ook vlak na nieuwjaar ontvangen. Helaas.... Toch bedankt om me te informeren!