Friday, January 25, 2013

Victorinox Standard

At first sight, this knife is like any other "standard" Victorinox with red cellidor scales, except for the toothpick and tweezers, but when you look at the corkscrew, you'll notice that it's older then you would think... It contains the large blade, small blade, caplifter, can opener, corkscrew and reamer. The same configuration as the famous Spartan, but without the toothpick and tweezers. It's a 91 mm 2-layer model and sadly in a very used shape. The main blade is grinded instead of sharpened and has deep scratches, but the rest of the knife looks like new. Here goes a new search for age and identity... I love this part! ;)

Age - marks :

* Cellidor scales : These scales were introduced in 1937. Before 1937 the scales were made from fibre, and had no mirror polish. This knife has cellidor scales!
* Can opener : This type can opener is the more recent one with only one difference. It has a PAT - marking on it wich stands for Patented. This one is introduced in 1951 and continued till 1970.
* REAMER : The new reamer without the sewing eye was used from 1961 to 1985.
* Small blade : The small blade has a clip point. These blades were used till 1973.
* Cap lifter : The cap lifter, here used, with sharpened curve, without the 90 degree lock, was manufactured from 1951 till 1972.
* Blade stamp : The main blade stamp says Victorinox Switzerland STAINLESS ROSTFREI and on the back is VICTORIA in a crossbow stamped. This stamping was used from 1952 on till ??

Conclusion :
If I only look at the tools, this knife should be made after 1961. The reamer is the new type, but without the sewing eye. The small clip point blade was used till 1973 and narrows my time window to 12 years. My guess would be early seventies... The scales look brand new and I'm missing the visible rivets or shackle to call it a sixties knife. Further info may follow... The modelname was fairly easy to find. This knife looks like the Spartan and from there on, only one other knife uses this config... The Standard!
When I take a look at the 60's and 70's catalogs, I can't find the Standard, but can see that the clip point blade wasn't used in the seventies anymore. The model closest to the Standard is the Tinker, and has the same tool-marks as mine in 1967. So I would say.... made between 1967 and 1970. A three year time window...

Here's a picture from an eighties catalog with the Standard model. The tool config is the same as mine, but the age-marks are different. Mine is clearly older then this one. One more evidence that it's made before 1980.

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