Saturday, November 2, 2013

Matterhorn / Edelweiss Spartan

These knives are made by Victorinox, but the scales by a third party Swiss company. I can't find any info about them, so if you know something more, please let me know. You can buy the knives in Luzern, near the Lion - monument. I was there a few days ago and must say that even there it becomes harder and harder to find them. I bought the Lion of Luzern - Spartan earlier this year, and I felt bad that I didn't buy more of them. This time I took two more, since the rest wasn't that great... I love the design, themes and craftsmanship, although I assume they're mass produced. They all cost around 50 CHF but are sometimes found on Ebay for over 100 Euro!

UPDATE : I finally found out where these scales are made.... Switzerland... ;) The company's called "Edisona" and makes pocket-watch casings and Victorinox scales for the touristic regions. You can still buy these knives, but according to a source on, there aren't many left, so if you want one, please hurry up!!! :)

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