Friday, November 29, 2013


*Check out my poll on the right side of this blog. I'm curious to see which one wins... ;)
*Updated my Alox collection... & added my 108mm collection!

Once again a big thanks to all the people for the mails and kind messages I received! It surprises me that after being a year online, the blog had over 40.000 visits from all over the world and this shows that I must be doing something right... ;) I'll keep the regular posts up to date and try to answer all your questions as good as I can. In a few weeks I'll be visiting the Flagship store in Dusseldorf and next year I'll be visiting west-America. This gives me the opportunity  to visit some Victorinox sellers in the good old USA... If someone has addresses I should check, please let me know... So.... there will be more than enough to write about... ;)


  1. You certainly get around. The blog has gr8 content & it's interesting to see what J is up to. Al oz