Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Victorinox leather pouches

Pouches aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Victorinox, but they are indispensable when it comes to treating your trusty pocket knife / multitool with respect. There are many competitors out there, mainly providing cheaper nylon pouches, but I'm not going to discuss this here... I always use the leather pouches from Vic, so it's my experience speaking here... The most common ones are the ones with a limit of 4 -layered knives and belt loop. This one allows you simply to slide your belt through the loop. One main disadvantage of this setup is that when the pouch interferes while doing your job, the belt needs to be loosened. It takes some work, but stays on the same place, even after a lot of movement. My Swisstool is currently in one of those pouches and I'm very happy with its durability... I use it in a very rough environment and after some "abuse" it still does the job perfectly! Prices vary from 10 to 15 Euro. (item number : 4.0520.31) This might seem like much, but it holds for a very long time. On the other hand you have the same pouch, but with an adaptable speed clip. This one is used to slide over the belt, or even edge of your pants. This gives you the advantage to replace it without a lot of work. It holds very good, but doesn't give you the same strong mount you have with a belt loop. I use this one for my edc knife after work. It looks cool, allows you to change the angle with an easy click-system and can be removed very fast in case it starts to hinder. Prices vary from 15 to 20 Euro. (item number : 4.0823.L )


  1. Nice pouches. I am recycling a horizontal belt loop leather phone pouch to carry my Champion to work. A 2nd hand knike that I added plus scales to. Al

    1. If it does the job.... ;) I love the horizontal setup... It doesn't interfere if you bend over to pick something up. Isn't the phone pouch too big? The Champion is a real toolbox which I like to carry, but it's a bit too bulky to my opinion.

    2. The pouch could be a bit smaller. I work in apple orchards so a magnifying lens is handy. Got that knife on eBay, US NTSA confiscated. I like to use it or an Explorer. Sometimes a pioneer, climber or my spirit. I would use a 08 soldier but the law is a bit funny about one hand opening knives. A red knife looks more benign. Al