Saturday, November 2, 2013

Victorinox Battle series

From 1983 till 1991 Victorinox made this series of knives, each representing battles during the middle ages that formed the country Switzerland. They released 7 different knives with each a limitation of 9999 pieces worldwide.  Each knife comes in a nice wooden box with the title imprinted on top. The box contains a certificate with the knife's number and a folder with a brief history for each battle. This set can be bought individual, meaning each knife has a box with certificate, or the entire collection in a collectors box with a small slot behind for the folders and certificates. If you buy the collectors box, each knife will have the same number... I found the entire collection for sale, but since I didn't want to exaggerate, I only bought two... And now I feel bad I didn't bought the box... :) Sometimes you need to make choices in life... UPDATE : Last weekend I noticed a small box with a red interior in a Victorinox store. I couldn't believe my eyes... They had three of the seven knives new in box... I didn't hesitate and took the Battle of Näfels. Every single knife of this collection looks stunning. Back in the "golden years, Victorinox offered a nice certificate and box. I love the way they displayed the knives back then... 

List of releases :
Morgarten 1315
Laupen 1339
Sempach 1386
Nafels 1388
St. Jakob 1444
Murten 1476
Oath of Rutli 1291

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