Saturday, November 2, 2013

Victorinox Black ICE Classic limited edition

A few months ago Victorinox released three different models with a new kind of "blackened" tools. They used the same method for watches in the past and after a lot of good responses they tried it on their knives. This technique is called poly-spectral coating and gives a more chrome shine, compared to the black-oxide knives. The term "black-ice" is coming from the mountain-climbers and used when they reach a piece of extreme transparent ice with a dark surface beneath shining through. The Classic is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and costed retail 55 CHF. All three knives were sold out in less then a week. Ebay shows right now prices up to 155 Euro for the Spartan Black ICE. Something tells me that I should hold on to this one... ;) The OHO Trekker was limited to 1000 pieces and costed 85 CHF and the Spartan was limited to 1700 pieces and costed 69 CHF. I'm not a big fan of the black tools, since they are often overpriced, but this set has a nice combination of modern colors and the shiny darkened tools... 

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