Friday, November 22, 2013

*Most wanted Vics and their prices*

After searching on Ebay for that certain "golden" deal, I realized that the Bay made people aware of the values... I'm going to discuss certain "collectable" knives of which I own and the ones on my wanted-list according to their availability and price range. This list is constantly updated, since certain knives gain or loose interest... Some of them are insanely expensive, more thanks to "addicts" then collectors, but that's open for discussion, since a knife's value is often determined by the "me want" factor. Ebay's a good example of personal bidding wars in the last 10 seconds of the listing. Believe me, I've done that, and have been disappointed many times! I've been to a few flea-market in Switzerland and I was surprised to see the high prices they wanted. They know the value and these knives became big business in the last few years. On Ebay there are a few sellers from Switzerland, selling internationally. These sellers are frequently active and sell vintage Vics   for the highest bid. This way is the most honest and depends on some smart last minute bids or intimidating high early bids. I've bought a few knives from these sellers and must say that I did some good buys for a nice price. These sellers keep prices in a normal range, since they offer many vintage knives at once.... I'll start off with to my opinion, the oddballs, the outcasts, the tools I've discussed before.... Tools taken out of production, ever since sales dropped and interest got lost. The strange thing is that since they became scarce, they sold like crazy.... 

Special tools

Autotool : Once in a few months on Ebay (Europe) with a price range between 75 and 150 Euro. ( Do correct me if I'm wrong. This is based on my experience.)
SportsRatchet : Once in a few months on Ebay (Europe) with a price range between 50 and 100 Euro.
SwissFlame : Once a month (lately) with a price range between 50 Euro (depending on the quality and box) and (believe it or not...) 250 Euro!!!
SwissBit MP3 player : Once every few weeks on Ebay and even some shops with a price range between 45 (flight model) and 300 Euro (2Gb with tools and box).

Vintage series / knives

St.-Christopher Tinker : This one is more available (every few weeks), but demand is shrinking and even with prices around 70 euro they don't sell. Normally prices go from 50 Euro way up to 150 Euro. I don't have this one, but I do love to add it to my collection....
Ribbed alox cadet : These alox knives look stunning and that represents in the high prices lately. They are becoming pretty rare (once a month) and prices go up to 100 Euro. I managed to buy one a few weeks ago for 56 Euro (brand new). 
Ribbed alox cadet II : This one is even more wanted then the cadet, thanks to the tool setup. The cadet has a nail file where the cadet II has a small blade with clip point. They are available once a month on Ebay for prices up to 150 Euro (no idea if these bids are real, but this is what the Bay says... ;)
Scientist : This one is very rare... Prices on this one  may go up to 150 Euro depending on the condition and the box.

Alox knives

Don't be surprised to see some crazy prices on these knives. Alox has always been and still is the most searched for on Ebay. On addition of the "normal" runs, Victorinox releases every now and then a limited run, limited to 50 or 100 pieces worldwide...
Limited runs 93mm (in general) : These prices may depend on the model and color. The color is one of the biggest factors because I've seen a gold colored Solo (50 pcs) for 59 USD that stayed there for weeks. Models with the beautiful marlin spike are often more expensive than others and flashy colors with a nice keychain and blade etching also ad more value to the knife. In general you could say that prices may go from 50 USD to 200 USD and this time I'm not adding the insane peaks I've found lately on Ebay. These prices are often found, even after a seven day bidding...

Other knives follow...


  1. Ebay knife fights. No blood spilt, lots of Adrenalin and need for financial first aid if you push it too far. Sometimes you have to be a little bit more crazy than the other guy to win. Looking forward to more posts. Al from Oz

    1. "financial first aid"...You made me laugh... ;) We all know how this feels after some jerk outbids you in the last minute... Setting a limit is realy important, but o so hard to hold on. I'm glad you like the posts! Greetings

    2. Re Me Want Factor.....................I just saw an Elsener dagger on Ebay. It is a pity our customs frowns on double edge blades otherwise I would make the starting bid of $180 US. You probably have 10 of them? Al from Oz

    3. I really like those daggers, but they are a bit too expensive and I've convinced myself to ONLY collect the pocket knives... Thank god for that! :) I do have a brand new Wenger SIG 556 bayonet I bought for 20 Euro, but that was years ago...