Friday, November 1, 2013

Victorinox Briefmarken collectors box

In 2006 Victorinox released a limited edition Huntsman lite. This edition was limited to 1111 pieces worldwide and came in a box with two stamps, released on 07/09/2006. One stamp pictures the original soldier knife 1891 and had a value of 1 CHF. The second one pictured the included Huntsman lite with a value of 1,3 CHF. The Swiss Army knives stamps were the last in a line of Swiss products-stamps, after cheese and watches. Both stamps, included in the box, are first releases, what makes the box even more "unique". Since they are fairly limited and the release date was more then seven years ago, they're difficult to find, but earlier this year, during my visit of the Lion of Luzern monument I spotted one in a gun shop nearby... The guy asked 139 CHF what seemed to me a fair price. It's in mint condition and saw it later on in Ibach for 179 CHF, so I was sure I did the right thing with buying it... UPDATE : HELVETIA (seen on the stamps) is actually Latin for Switzerland. "Confoederatio Helvetica" means then "Swiss Confederation".

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