Friday, November 15, 2013

New Ebay Victorinox lot


  1. I saw those on Ebay. Re the Officer knife/Spartan sometimes odd combinations present that don't fit the accepted timeline. I have a Wenger with similar tools including the cap lifter which from memory the seller said was produce 1920s to 1936. That might well be wrong?

    How do you polish them? I have used an old leather belt to polish out scratches. Very tedious. I currently have a Red 1961 model Soldier lost in the post. 5 weeks now and my other purchases have arrived. My first ever no show. Al from Oz

    1. The older the knife gets, the more difficult age-dating gets... I'm always very careful with the dates I retrieve on the net... I clean the blades with sanding paper and polish them with a polishing wheel mounted on a power drill, combined with polishing paste. Did you pay the red Soldier with Paypal? If you did, you're buyer-protected and can make a claim for your money. I sold a red grillon wenger soldier at some guy in Madrid, Spain and it never arrived. I had to pay back the full amount...

    2. Thanks. I have been reluctant to attack blades to severely. You have things worked out pretty well. The Wenger I mentioned is supposed to be 1919-1936. The reamer on that is quite short but looks intact. Funny enough it came from the same seller. I talked to him about the no show knife.............he is happy to do a refund. I value the relationship with him and know he sent it. I would be happy to split the loss 50-50.